A wall breaker that does not wash by hand is a better wall breaker2
August 10, 2022

I don't know if everyone is a migrant worker. The old man likes nutritious and digestible porridge, the child likes delicate

complementary food, and the wife likes low-fat and healthy fitness drinks, so the home of the array owner needs a wall breaker that can meet the different needs of parents, children and wives at the same time. To this end, the leader of the array has researched multiple brands of wall breakers, just to find a wall breaker with the highest wall breaking rate and can be used for hot porridge, cold drinks, and complementary food.

The purchase of the wall breaker is mainly based on the following parameters, namely power, speed, number of blades, wall

breaking rate, noise, volume, number of cups, material of cups and humanization such as appointment, self-cleaning, heating, etc. design.

The wall-breaking rate is the most direct parameter reflecting the performance of a wall-breaking machine. The higher the wall-breaking rate, the more delicate the food is, the more nutrients in the food can be fully broken out of the cells, and the better the food is absorbed. . The power, speed, number of blades and cup design of the wall breaker are all important factors that determine the wall breaking rate of the wall breaker. In theory, the higher the power, the faster the rotation speed, the more blades, the better the

turbulence design of the cup body, and the higher the wall breaking rate of the wall breaker. At present, the wall breaking rate of the domestic wall breakers is not too high, and residues are easily left after breaking the food. Therefore, if you want to buy a wall

breaker with a high wall breaking rate and pursue the fineness of the food, it is recommended to buy imported brands.

The noise of the wall breaker has always been a major drawback of the wall breaker, but as a high-speed electrical appliance, its noise is unavoidable, so when choosing a wall breaker, it is more secure to choose a high-quality motor as much as possible.